International Alumni Job Network F.A.Q.

What is IAJN

IAJN provides a professional network for returning international students, a community to engage with industry, events and brands and a job platform to connect with employers across Asia.

I am an international student, or graduate; how do I join?

Join the IAJN community - It’s 100% free for all international students, graduates and alumni! Join here

I am a business in the Asia Pacific region, how do I work with IAJN?

Get in touch and become a Job Partner of IAJN. Email IAJN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why choose International Alumni for your business?

70% of the world’s top 100 universities and colleges come from 4 countries – USA, UK, Canada and Australia. As education destinations, graduates of these universities have received some of the best quality education the world has to offer. International Alumni have not only received a first class education but bring non-tangible assets to your business such as cross cultural understanding, bilingualism, global perspective, adaptability and innovative ideas.

What regions does IAJN cover?

We work right across the Asia Pacific region to match internationally qualified candidates with the right career opportunity for them.

What is IAJN’s purpose and philosophy?

We’re in the people business, and whilst we are a technology based company, we see this as being the tool for bringing the world closer together. At IAJN you’ll always be seen as an individual, not just another website statistic and it’s our passion to bring benefits to all engaged stakeholders.