Academic Director

Academic Director

Shang International Education Group offers a wide range of dynamic and unique courses to develop the next generation of global citizens for boarding schools around the world and elite universities abroad. 

Shang Academy, the main subsidiary of Shang International Education Group, specializes in offering a variety of courses ranging from Young Learner Programs to Soft Skills courses to US High School subject courses such as History, Mathematics and Literature. In addition, our consultants develop courses according to their own style, working with Shang management to ensure a fit with our standards. Through proven experience, Shang consultants are selected as mentors to guide and inspire our next generation of elite leaders. Our reputation as a dynamic leading education consultancy has lead us to be featured in GQ, The Economist, CNN, The New York Times, CCTV, Study Abroad Magazine as well as various other publications in China. 

Shang Learning provides unique incentives which include: 
• Flexibility on post 
• On-going professional development and training 
• Promotion opportunities in an ever-expansive industry 
• Reasonable autonomy to build education programs and create projects you are passionate about 
• The opportunity to interface with the next generation of China’s leaders and influencers; to learn from and with them, and to help them develop a more global mindset We are an international, innovative and diverse team of young professionals. If you are dedicated to education & training and interested in growing with us, this is an unparalleled opportunity. 

We are currently seeking an experienced and passionate Director of Studies looking for an exclusive opportunity in Beijing. 

Roles and Responsibilities 
• Oversee regional academic operations to uphold high educational quality and program integrity for our students 
• Supervise lead consultants across various regional academic divisions to ensure quality control and efficiency 
• Work closely with directors to prevent issues and oversights in design and implementation of teacher training and teacher assessment programs 
• Develop solutions and design processes to improve operations (class management, teacher management, student progress, etc.) 
• Provide expertise on market and how to improve overall service offerings (including developing curriculum, services, etc.) 
• Conduct training programs for new teachers and regular training programs for existing teachers 
• Work closely with sales and service team to improve overall products and services based on market feedback and assist in marketing and sales events by providing teacher and content support 

Compensation Package 
• Starting net salary range of 20000 – 25000 RMB pending qualifications • Relative autonomy to set own working times 
• Free Housing -or- 3000 RMB Housing Stipend Monthly
• Paid National Holidays (1 Week for Spring Festival, 1 Week for Golden Week and other various Chinese holidays throughout the year) 
• 15 Paid Vacation Days per year 
• Z-Visa Sponsorship 
• Optional National Social Insurance or Ping’An Health Plan 
• TWO annual bonuses based on performance and company profitability -or- Airfare reimbursement up to $1000 your first completed year

Desired Skills and Experience 
• Native English speaker (although outstanding candidates without this qualification will be considered) 
• Proven expertise and education experience 
• At least 2+ years in a successful education management role 
• Experience as a teacher and mentor for ESL / Chinese students a plus 
• Ability to take ownership as a leader and educator

10 May 2018



Beijing, China

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Academic Director

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