Application Engineer

Application Engineer
As an Application Engineer, you will be part of the Robotics and Motion (RM) Division and Drives and Control Business Unit (BU), based in Beijing. Robotics and Motion (RM) division offers a wide range of products and services including drives, motors, generators and robots. Key applications include energy conversion, actuation, automation, standardized manufacturing cells for applications such as machine tending, welding, cutting, painting, finishing, palletizing and packing, and engineered systems for the automotive industry.

As an Application Engineer, you will be responsible to provide technical support and engineering for drive package projects. Your Tasks as an Application Engineer will include the following:
  • PLC programing for drive package projects.
  • On-site commissioning and trouble shooting.
  • Electrical engineering for drive package projects.
  • Technical support for drive package projects.
  • Technical support for drive software and application.


Ideally you should have Bachelor or Master’s degree in Electrical or Automation coupled with 2 plus of years of experience in Automation filed commissioning, drive background is a plus.

You should have In-depth knowledge of drives and automation, be familiar with PLC programing and electrical engineering.

Your capability to work under pressure, open minded, self-driven attitude, team player and willing to travel along with good fluency in English language will make you an ideal match for this role.



04 May 2018



Beijing, China

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Application Engineer

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