Junior Digital Strategist

Junior Digital Strategist

31Ten’s company culture is all about “hacking”: finding clever, quick and efficient solutions to our clients’ problems, such as the most relevant online places to attract and engage with Chinese consumers.


You try new apps, forums, websites on a weekly (daily?) basis. Zhihu is your way to go to learn almost anything. You’ll totally start your online business someday. Or maybe you already have (let’s talk about it)?
You’re a fast learner and completely fascinated about digital and social marketing. You absolutely love the challenge of anticipating the next big change in the Chinese digital ecosystem. You’re smart, not shy about it, and super digital savvy.

Responsibilities :
Should the client distribute on Tmall? On JD? On a Wechat store? How can they build a competitive edge and avoid the Chinese e-commerce bloodbath?
Should they have their own website? Isn’t a Baidu Baike page enough for a start? What value can they bring to the consumer through their Wechat? Is there a niche platform, forum or app that would be a lot more efficient to find potential customers than Weibo? Should they be on Nice? On Mogujie? And how should they use it?
What are the best ways for a niche cross border e-commerce player to acquire traffic to its JD store? What are the best ways to attract Wechat followers from other online platforms? From offline interactions?

If you’re excited by finding answers to the above questions, you’ll definitely love being part of our consulting team.

Responsibilities will include:
· A lot of research, competition analysis, scouting for best practices and smart strategies to absorb and adapt

  • ·   Intense studying to get smarter than the client’s competition
  • ·   Building a collection of strategies and putting them to test
    • Setting up KPIs with the client and building efficiency reporting frameworks and dashboards
    • ·   Producing in-depth sector analysis and reports to help you put your name out on the map, as well the 31Ten name, like this : http://cpc.cx/fO8

23 Apr 2018



Shanghai, China

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Junior Digital Strategist

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