Accountant II (GL)

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Accountant II (GL)

Job description

Professional and specialized office/support jobs emphasizing accounting principles and practices as well as financial planning and management systems.


Support Job Category:

  • Checks and verifies cost accounting, account payable records, prepares invoices and vouchers, types, files, posts ledger and general journal entries, and/or balances accounts payable and accounts receivable records.
  • Uses office automated systems to input data, generate reports, conduct specialized research projects and respond to inquiries.
  • May reconcile difficult accounts. May maintain a complete and systematic set of transactions in a specific phase of accounting.



  • Develops, interprets and implements financial concepts for financial planning and control.
  • Performs technical analysis to determine present and future financial performance.
  • Gathers, analyzes, prepares and summarizes recommendations for financial plans, acquisition activity, trended future requirements and operating forecasts.
  • Performs economic research and studies in the areas of rates of return, depreciations, working capital requirements, investment opportunities, investment performance and impact of governmental requirements.


Professional Job Category:

  • Develops, implements and/or maintains one or more accounting systems: Journal entries, General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Revenue Reconciliation, etc. Reviews and interprets financial reporting requirements, rules and regulations.
  • Balances books and prepares profit and loss, cash flow, income and balance sheet statements.
  • Monitors and develops monthly reports of revenues and expenditures for projects.
  • Provides record of assets, liabilities and other financial transactions.
  • May prepare federal, state and local reports and tax returns.
  • May assist in the setup of processes and procedures that properly capture, track and report revenue, including deferred revenue, in accordance with the company revenue recognition policy.
  • May generate revenue reports for internal and/or external use.
  • May interpret reports and records for managers/stakeholders.
  • May be involved in reviewing, tracking and maintaining billing information in the financial systems, ensuring accuracy and compliance with all accounting regulations.


Management Job Category:

  • Manages the development, implementation and/or maintenance of one or more accounting systems: Journal entries, General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Revenue Reconciliation, Cash Flows, etc. in accordance with GAAP policies and procedures.
  • Designs operational procedures and processes that meet audit standards and improve efficiency.
  • Ensures integration of data produced into systems and supports objectives of financial analysts.
  • Ensures the accurate compilation, analysis and reporting of accounting data and revenue.
  • Participates in annual audits and special projects.
  • May work with external consultants or auditors to provide required information and ensure proper recordkeeping for historical purposes.
  • Qualified in the practice of accounting.
  • Responsible for reporting financial results in accordance with government and regulatory authority rules.

Location: Teparuk, TH 

Must be certified to hold this title in Malaysia.

26 Mar 2018



Thailand, Thailand

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Accountant II (GL)

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