Country BISO

Country BISO


  • Informs to users on information security news, new policy and regulation
  • Manages Information Security projects
  • Handles internal, external and regulatory audits across businesses from the information security standpoint
  • Coordinates all GCG business units to conduct Process input form for each Process in their unit
  • Coordinates all GCG business units to conduct Criticality assessment of each process in their unit
  • Performs application assessment
  • Create programs to increase information security awareness for staff
  • Performs business compliance questioner/ compliance
  • Performs Training & Awareness, GISAW for new hired staff, existing staff for all GCG business units
  • Identify information security breach and assessments applied for all GCG business units
  • Performs information security assessments related to CIRAS (CSI, ACQ, FID, CWRC, RA, RMSD, ETM, Third Party)
  • Create and launch campaign regarding information security awareness
  • Performs EUC assessment
  • Performs vendor assessment by visiting vendor on site or off site in order to make sure on the required compliance policy
  • Ensures that all appropriate corrective actions and mitigation are in place for any non compliance issues
  • Identify & reports any information security violation, and coordinates with respective unit to close reported SIRT via SIMON
  • Monitors and tracks all corrective action plans occurred from risk acceptance, audit review or comment and vendor assessment result related to information security
  • Ensures businesses across Citibank Indonesia perform entitlement review 
  • 5 years experience in information security
  • Good English, verbal and writing
  • CISM, CISPP, CISA will be a plus
  • Graduate from a reputable university

01 Mar 2018



Jakarta, Indonesia

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Country BISO

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