Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

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Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Given FUV’s unique mandate as an innovative and autonomous institution in Vietnam, the Director will design an admissions and financial aid program that consciously aligns with the emphasis of FUV’s undergraduate program on active learning, the development of the whole student, and in service to Vietnam.

As FUV is a start-up institution, the Director will also need to be able to work collaboratively and effectively with others across the institution, including in conjunction with the Academic Design Team, Communications and Outreach, and Information Technology. The Director should have experience in university admissions (international experience is a plus), and will report to FUV’s Chief Academic Officer.

Roles and Responsibilities

To ensure the recruitment of a highly qualified student body aligned with the core principles of FUV’s undergraduate academic program, the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid will undertake the following duties:

  • Oversee the admissions and financial aid process for the 2018-19 Co-Design Year (already underway), and guide its implementation with current staff and resources.
  • Using the co-design year’s admissions process as a starting point, develop a new admissions process fo FUV’s undergraduate program to launch in the fall of 2019. This process needs to align with FUV’s principles for the academic program.
  • In conjunction with FUV’s Academic Design Team, create a strategic vision for FUV’s student recruitment process.
  • Provide direction and leadership for the Admissions and Financial Aid team, including the Financial Aid Associate, the Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, and Senior Admissions Associate.
  • Lead and manage day-to-day operations of the admissions and financial aid team, including oversight and effective implementation of admissions and financial aid projects.
  • Create a strategic vision for building FUV’s admissions and financial aid program in the university’s initial years.
  • Work with other teams in FUV to ensure FUV’s successful development as a start-up university.



  • A Bachelor’s degree.
  • Previous experience (3 years +) working in university admissions or related functions.
  • Experience leading and managing a team is preferred.
  • Experience in either an international or start-up context is desired.



Additional Qualifications

  • Strong English communication skills (verbal and written), and the ability speak in front of audiences.
  • A preference for Vietnamese language skills and cultural awareness (although not a requirement)
  • A willingness to try new things and learn from experience.
  • Effective collaborative, people-management and mentorship skills.
  • A strong alignment with FUV’s educational mission.
  • Willingness to roll up his/her sleeves and work on projects beyond the scope of this role.

10 Jan 2018



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

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